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Monday, April 17, 2006

OK Bentonville -- Lets help

OK Pullman this would be a GREAT time to put up or shut up on this Wal-Mart or better yet PRO-Business stuff. I know we would not be in the place we are today with all of this growth if it was not for Tom Forbes I think we need to 'chip-in' and send him for two reasons.

1# Just as a plain "THANKS Tom" for his getting the ball rolling on Pullman starting to "Grow Smart".

2# I know it can't be easy for a family man now days with all the costs jumping almost every day on one thing or another. I know I have hard time making ends meet so I am sure Tom could use the help. Add to this he will be a delegate to the state GOP Convention later this spring.

So to that end I will be sending a check to Tom at the below address. I would hope that you in the business community or others that think what Tom has started here with Wal-Mart is a good idea PLEASE send a large check to him also, I am sure he could use the help.

As I type this Tom is already on his way to Bentonville, so lets load that mail box up with checks by the time he gets back, OK Pullman?

Tom Forbes
Pullman, Wa 99163

You know Scotty you may have something there :

Scotty said...
Is it me, or did our future State Rep just speak to us?

1 comment:

Scotty said...

I can see it now...

4-term State Representative Thomas Forbes (R) has just been elected to the United States Senate.

Someone wake me up. I am dreaming.