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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Catch the Cowards...

I promised that if I saw someone whine or complain about the media coverage of the greek system that I would respond with a letter to the editor... Well it happened.


I was just waiting for the next letter or article to appear in the Evergreen where someone in the Greek system complained about stereotypes and poor media coverage. Hardy Awadjie’s Letter to the Editor was just what I was waiting for. In it he says “It seems that as Greeks we try to show the community that we do everything we can to improve society and get rid of that negative stereotype that we constantly receive.”

By “improve society” do you mean that you will shelter men who jump a woman from behind and kick her while she is on the ground? Are you saying the negative stereotype that you constantly receive is not deserved? Are you saying turning a blind eye to a woman beater is okay? Are you saying condoning a retaliation attack against a single woman is okay? Are you saying that when a woman is down it is okay for a couple guys to keep kicking her? Are you saying it is okay for guys to jump a woman from behind?

If those people responsible for the attack on this woman were actually thrown out of their house by their “brothers” and turned in, people in the community would have a better view of the Greek system. But no one turned them in. The lack of action speaks way louder than the words you use to make positive claims about the Greek system. You have only proven what most people think -- It is a system of juvenile alcoholics who are not responsive to the community in which they live.

Those in the Greek system need to look hard at the founders of your respective houses’ and see what their values were and try to live up to them. I honestly doubt nightly drinking and beating women were part of that tradition they started.

To all those men and women in the Greek System; do the right thing. Turn in the cowards who beat women. Don’t let them ruin the good things you do for Pullman.

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