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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Not a surprising drug arrest.

Maybe it is because I am a law and order type of guy. I like the idea of certain things being legal and illegal. When I saw two places sprout up in Pullman in the last two years I was concerned. Unlike WalMart which sells things that law-abiding citizens need and use, we have two places near Dissmores that sell "Tobacco" accessories.

No cry of foul when these businesses opened shop. No one tried to stand in the way. Any wonder why they are BOTH on the north side of town close to the student population? I know why they did it. When selling bongs and pipes you want to be close to the people who buy them.

I wonder, if both businesses are clean, why they would take the time to cover all their windows so you cannot see in from the outside. What are they hiding? Why do they hold hours of stoners? Tobacco smokers typically are not sleeping in until 10 or 11 everyday.

Besides, what "accessory" does a tobacco smoker need? A lighter, some matches, and maybe an ashtray. There is no need to cover the windows if that is all you sell.

The bottom line is that they are selling items that drug users use. Thursday's bust only proves that. A couple of the stores' owners were busted for pot possession. They also found pot at the store itself.

WalMart may be an "evil" corporation which sells low-cost products to small town America, but at least they are not selling bongs to the college students.


Joshua Coke said...

It appears that the city may be making them comply with the "Adult Entertainment" sections of the city code. I believe that the window obstructions are required by municipal code 17.37.070(2) and the hours of operation by 17.37.070(3).

According to Pullman police, no drugs were found in the store.

While I don't condone drug use, I do feel that it's important get all of the facts right

Scotty said...

According to the newspaper, a quotation from Commander Tennant claims drugs were found in the store...

From the Daily News:
Pullman police got a search warrant for the business, located on Northwest Stadium Way at North Grand Avenue. The search started at 11 a.m., Thursday, with the help of the Quad Cities Drug Task Force. Misdemeanor quantities of marijuana allegedly were found on the premises, said Chris Tennant, Pullman Police Operations Commander.

It is interesting IF the city is making them comply with adult entertainment codes. Is that the city admittedly knowing they are selling drug paraphernalia?