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Saturday, April 22, 2006

Portland and the Ravages of "Smart Growth"

Portland, Oregon, is often described as a Utopia by "smart growthers." Portland native Randal O'Toole debunks some of those myths in his column at Free-Market News Network. Good read. Check it out.

HT: Brian P.

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Ray Lindquist said...

Isn’t funny the way the Rat’s like to control people’s life and think they know what is so much better for you than you yourself. This “Smart Growth” is such a joke when you start to think about it. It is very troubling to me to see Whitman County wanting to go in this same sort of way with telling people how to paint their house and out buildings, the distance you can be from the county road, and last but not least --- now get this “What types and amount of lights you can have on the outside of your house”; WHAT A JOKE. What part of “PRIVATE Property” don’t they understand? My guess it is the first part PRIVATE.