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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Thursday Three-Fer, Part III

The Whitman County Democratic Convention was held last Saturday in Colfax. There are some familiar names from today’s Whitman County Gazette coverage of the event:

Democrats name candidates, back call for impeachment

One resolution that sparked heated debate among conventioneers asked the state legislature to forward to Congress articles of impeachment for President George W. Bush.

“Torturing people and spying on the American people is a gross abuse of office,” said Pullman Democrat [and PARD Living Wage Campaign Chair] Greg Hooks.

“The General Accounting Office recently released a report that said that $1.9 billion has been used strictly for tests,” reported [PARD member] Dr. Don Orlich. “If you own a testing company, you’ve got it made.”

Delegates elected to attend the state convention were Jon Brumbach, Dierdre [“Intrusion of Undesirable Social Classes”] Rogers, Tyler Solheim, Matthew [“Dr. Indiana”] Root, Horter, Don Heil, Scott Powell, and Rollie Line.
Don’t you sleep better at night knowing that our future could be in the hands of the PARDners?

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April E. Coggins said...

There was one squeak of a quote from a traditional Whitman County Democrat. The Pullman Alliance for Regional Dominance moved to take over the Whitman County Democratic party en mass. Our local voices and opinions were shut down with organized and intentional strong arming. Throw out common sense and reasonable discussion. Even within their own party, in PARD's view, free speech and free thought is an enemy and must be shut down. Any other views are to be suppressed. Remind anyone of anything?