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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Unopposed Local Candidates

Eunice Coker, Auditor, announced her intention to run for re-election. She is being opposed this fall by a Democratic nominee. Eunice warned against complacency with a very active Whitman County Democratic Party out there.

Shirley Bafus, County Clerk, invited people to drop by the county offices to see how things work.

Joe Reynolds, County Assessor, joked "don't bring any knives or guns!"

Dennis Tracy, Prosecutor, said he has made an efficient use of resources at the prosecutor's office. 300 felony and 1400 misdemeanor cases last year. He is also getting an education in land use law.

Brett Myers, Sheriff, said he runs the office with a philosophy of "do what is right," "do the best you can," and "treat everyone as you want to be treated."

Bon Lothspeich, Treasurer, said his office does a tremendous job managing the resources it is given and jokingly reminded everyone to "pay your taxes."

Pete Martin, Coroner, runs the most efficient coroner's office in the state.

We also heard from 9th District State Senator Mark Schoesler and retiring State Representative Don Cox.

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Scotty said...

I have actually worked with ALL of these people extensively for a couple years. They are all quality people who care about the county and their jobs. Best of luck to all of them!!!