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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Pictures from the Dino Rossi Event at SEL This Morning

BELOW- Dino meeting and greeting supporters at the SEL Event Center this morning

ABOVE - I always manage to get Daily News reporter Devin Rokyta in my pictures somehow(in tan jacket on left)

ABOVE - Russ and April Coggins discuss the issues with Dino

ABOVE - Ed Schweitzer welcomes Dino

ABOVE - Ed asks Dino for help in fighting Olympia's bureaucracy and overtaxation

ABOVE - Dino addressing the crowd


Uncle Bubba said...

I went to this meeting knowing I would be voting for Rossi as opposed to another term of Chris and Pals.

After listening to what Dino thinks Washington could and should be he will have my full support.

April E. Coggins said...

Russ and I both came away from the meeting very enthusiastic. The media is not giving Dino enough credit. He has a very positive vision for Washington state. The boiled down message was less Olympia, more local decisions. But to accomplish that goal, we must all step forward with personal sacrifice and leadership. And not just voting and/or donating money. We must be willing to sit in the seats that make the decisions. Our future is in our own control, unless we hand it over to others to decide for us.