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Friday, April 04, 2008

Quote of the Day

We’d like to thank Moscow and Latah County for their wonderful work.
- Whitman County Commissioner Jerry Finch on Moscow’s restrictive business climate, "Business Park zone change gains county okay", Whitman County Gazette, April 3, 2008

Read the whole story below:
Business Park zone change gains county okay

County commissioners Monday gave unanimous approval to Moscow business owner Travis Wambeke’s request for a rezoning of 15 acres near the intersection of Pullman Airport Road and O’Donnell Road, east of the Moscow-Pullman Airport, for a proposed business park.

The land’s designation was changed from agricultural to limited heavy industrial.

Wambeke is planning to site a business park for construction related companies on three five acre parcels. One of those businesses would include Wambeke’s company, Strata Engineering.

“Obviously, I’m very happy Mr. Wambeke has seen fit to want to do things in Whitman County,” said Commissioner Jerry Finch.

Wambeke’s firm provides geotechnical engineering for construction companies. He said the lack of affordable space in Moscow, coupled with a potential boom in construction in the Pullman-Moscow corridor prompted his company to seek the move.

“We see a lot of work coming in the corridor,” said Wambeke. “The city just could not provide us the latitude and opportunity that an open piece of ground provides.”

Wambeke expects construction to begin on his building later this year, with the other lots to be developed as tenants need.

Finch seized the opportunity to take a dig at Moscow’s restrictive business climate. Finch has repeatedly criticized the city of Moscow for attempting to obstruct development in the corridor

“We’d like to thank Moscow and Latah County for their wonderful work,” he chided.

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