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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Could Barack Obama Be Blackmailed Now?

More than ever, Barack Obama is invested in the probably lie that he never heard even one of the reverend Jeremiah Wright hateful sermons that we heard on Fox News, or the New York Times knew all about or that the The New Republic cited long ago. By saying that this was all news to him, he essentially issued a Gary Hart-like invitation to prove him wrong.

That means that there is at least one person then who holds Barack Obama's presidential prospects in his hand - Jeremiah Wright.

After getting a good look at Jeremiah Wright over the last few days, does anyone doubt that he would refrain from coaxing whatever he wants out of Barack Obama? Let's face it. All Jeremiah Wright has to say is that: "Yes, Barack Obama was in my congregation when I said these things. We've talked about them. He agrees with me." And Obama's campaign would be sunk - permanently.

That's an awfully heavy fist to be holding over the man who wants to be the president of the most powerful nation in history.

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