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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Future Democratic Leaders


MoveRed.org, the young Republican group I profiled the other day, has discovered a disturbing video posted on Facebook by the UW Young Democrats. Filmed in a car returning from a Texas event, the UW Young Democrats president, an ASUW senator, and other UW Young Democrats are apparently attempting to mock Republicans. But all they end up doing is dispalying the profanity, bigotry, contempt, and intolerance that apparently lies just beneath every the liberal facade of every so-called progressive.


Josef said...

Darned good YouTube, even with the splotches that indicate a computer virus and/or spyware between the Democrats' computer and mine. I have Norton Internet Security, BTW.

Just typical stereotyping of Republicans - maybe they ought to read Atlas Shrugs, written by a Jew who is staunchly Republican and supports reformers of Islam.
(Full disclosure: I do podcasts for Ms. Geller.)

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Yet another example of leftists venting what they've got inside.

Too bad for these kids that they don't have the veneer of an academic department to provide cover for what they harbor, such as the CES department.