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Monday, April 14, 2008

Weekday Show Wrap-Up

That was fun. Goldy was about as I expected. But you all know there is nothing I enjoy more than a vigorous debate. Hope I get a chance to do it again.

Thanks to Steve Scher and KUOW.

And yes, I'll mention once it again as it has been butchered for the last three years (including today.) If I had known my blog would have gotten this big, I would have picked an easier to pronounce name. In the meantime, it is pə-ˈlüs-ə-tiks.


Scott M. said...

Great show, Tom! I wonder why we don't have any radio talk shows on the Palouse?

Tom Forbes said...

KRFP in Moscow has (exceedingly tedious and liberal) talk shows, but the station has the range of a walkie-talkie. There's "Moscow Morning Views" on the UI radio station. And don't forget our very own Scotty's "The PES" on KZZU 90.7 FM Mondays from Noon - 2 PM.

I imagine local radio talk shows would be prohibitively expensive. Syndicated ones like Rush and Sean are a cheaper alternative.