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Monday, April 21, 2008

Pullman: The Land Spokane Forgot

First, there was a kerfuffle last week when the Spokesman-Review didn't cover the Elton John concerts.

Now, KXLY in Spokane is reporting that Glenn Johnson is in the ICU at GRITMAN MEDICAL CENTER OVER IN MOSCOW.

Somehow, KQQQ, the Daily News, the Trib, the Evergreen, KLEW, KING5, and the Seattle Times all got it right.

The good news is that Glenn seems to be doing fine.


April E. Coggins said...

KXLY news site originally had the hospital listed as Gritman Memorial, in Pullman. So I e-mailed Brian Clark, the reporter to let him know that the hospital Glenn actually went to was Pullman Regional, in Pullman and that Gritman is located in Moscow. He immediately changed the story to Gritman in Moscow, Idaho. **sigh** I e-mailed again and received a reply that he would make a few phone calls. Enough time has passed that I feel safe in assuming that the reporter doesn't care about accuracy.

This would be a minor issue except that the story is about our mayor. Why does KXLY insist on reporting that the mayor of Pullman chose the hospital in Moscow when it's not true?

Michael said...

KXLY finally fixed the story.

April E. Coggins said...

Oh well, better late than never.

How about this site? They seem to have picked some random picture of a white guy with white hair to be Glenn Johnson.

Bruce Heimbigner said...

Glenn was the president of the PRH board of directors for years - an additional slap in the face and something I didn't see in any of the news articles.

Tom Forbes said...

Yes, it's to think of anyone more instrumental in getting us that new hospital than Glenn.