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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Global Warming My Butt!

It dropped to 25 degrees last night (11:59 PM) at the Pullman airport - a new record for the date. And it supposedly dropped to 23 degrees at some point this morning.

And with a snow advisory posted for Spokane with 3-6 inches predicted, the all time seasonal snowfall record could fall.

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April E. Coggins said...

Western Washington snow accumulations from Friday's storm:

Clearview: 10.2"
South Everett: 7.7"
Mill Creek: 7.6"
Woodinville: 6.5"
Mountlake Terrace: 4"
Snohomish: 3"
Edmonds: 3.5"
Shoreline: 3.5"
Gold Bar: 2.5"
Mukilteo: 2"
Monroe: 1.5"
Grand Mound: 1"

More record cold temps and snow possible. I'm a little disappointed that Olympia has missed out on the fun, but they do have this problem to explain. Remember, weather is not climate. ROFL!