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Friday, April 25, 2008

"College Republicans wrong to complain"

Here is a letter to the editor from Friday 4/25 in response to Danny's letter and my own letter to the editor on Thursday.
"Editor: Concerning the whining of College Republicans about why they were not awarded among the 20 of the most influential students list, I think it shows a serious lack of respect for those who were awarded to complain that no members won the award......The Evergreen has more than done its job to appease the College Republicans. As most people who have been reading the Evergreen for more than 3 years have noticed, the number of conservative articles has dramatically increased, and the page space for conservative writers overlaps that of the liberal ones by leaps and bounds. This year alone, a person could not open the Evergreen without reading some lowbrow attack on liberals, immigrants, gays or minorities in every opinion column, only to be followed by a far-right diatribe on why we need Jesus and no other god in our lives. Leave the podium with dignity, College Republicans, you’ve had more than your fair share of the limelight."

-Isaac Harrison alumnus, 2005
First off, my letter to the editor did not refute those on top 20 most influential but rather stated that it is ridiculous that the most influential and active group on campus had no members on the list. Of course, today they continued to add the great influential Liberal students such as Alex McDonald to the list, the Evergreen then tried to save face and state that they wanted to add Chris Del Beccaro, but due to time constraints and space they could not. Mr. Isaac Harrison believes that the Evergreen has in the last 3 years seen "the number of conservative articles dramatically increase". He is correct in the fact that maybe they have increased simply because the newspaper slanders the College Republicans even more than they used to. There is 1 positive article for at least every 20 negative ones about us in the newspaper. So congrats Isaac you are correct there are more articles demeaning the most influential group on campus.

Secondly, there is a difference between the Evergreen hiring opinion columnists and those who actually write news articles and do other jobs for the Evergreen, they try to hire 1 Conservative columnist on staff to try to be "balanced" - 1 to about 15 isn't very balanced in my mind though. Also, Isaac your information is a little incorrect in believing that you could not open the "Liberal Green" without reading "some lowbrow attack on liberals, immigrants (illegal aliens is what I think you are referring to), gays or minorities". I was the only Conservative opinion columnist last semester Isaac, and for some reason I don't remember ever attacking gays or minorities - and I never attacked Liberals, just stated the truth. Get a life Isaac and stick to reading your Liberal propaganda rather than attempting to write your poorly thought out letters with complete fallacies and figments of your imagination.

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Tom Forbes said...

The Watermelon did have a Christian columnist, Erin Dienst, this semester, but she was totally apolitical. hard to call her "right wing."

The same could not be said of "Atheists are Sexy" columnist Nickolas Conrad.

People forget that a newspaper's bias is not always what it reports or how it reports, but what it chooses NOT to report.