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Friday, April 11, 2008

Exactly What State is Gregoire Running for Governor In?

License plate on Queen Christine's biodiesel campaign bus

According to the Seattle PI, Gregoire's campaign says the bus was rented from a Washington company. If that's so, I guess that makes them like thousands of other Washington residents who buy and license their vehicles in Oregon and Idaho to avoid Washington's onerous taxes and fees.

Below is a press release from the Washington State Republican Party:
Gregoire Driving An Oregon Bus on Re-Election Tour

Washington's Small Businesses Can Relate – They've Been Thrown Under The Gregoire Bus For The Past Three Years

Bellevue, WA - Gov. Christine Gregoire has been conducting her statewide re-election tour in a bus with Oregon license plates (there is an Oregon license plate on the front and back of the bus and a British Columbia tag on the front). A photo of the Oregon license plate on the rear of the Gregoire bus is available online here. Washington State Republican Party Chairman Luke Esser issued the following statement in response:

"Gov. Gregoire has been making it harder and harder for businesses to survive here in our state for three years, so it's no surprise that her campaign hired a bus with Oregon license plates to save money. The symbolism of Gov. Gregoire's bus tour couldn't be plainer. The business failure rate in the state of Washington is one of the worst in the country, and the Oregon license plates on Gov. Gregoire re-election bus express very well how hard it is for businesses to survive in our state. Time and time again small businesses have been thrown under the bus by Gov. Gregoire, and until Dino Rossi has been elected governor our business climate will only continue to get worse."


Satanic Mechanic said...

I am willing to bet there is not one drop of biodiesel in the tank of that bus. I challenge the Washington State Patrol to dip her diesel tanks to make sure she is not using off-road diesel!
For some of you people out there who do not know what off-road diesel is, it is diesel that is not taxed by the state (no state road use), it is dyed a color, it is used by farm tractors and it is a $10,000 fine if caught with it on the road. It is common practice for officers around here on the Palouse to dip tanks of diesel trucks and pickups.
Dip her tanks!

American Elephant said...

Doesn't really bother me that her bus has Oregon plates, what I think is much worse is that she's touring the state in a bus powered by "bio"diesel at the same time the artificial demand for "bio"fuels is driving up the price of food crops all over the world.

How many people have to starve for her politically-correct, so-called "green" bus trip?
American Elephant