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Monday, April 28, 2008

Hanging Up The Headphones

You can read my post over at www.thepes.com and learn more, but today I have decided to stop doing The PES.


Satanic Mechanic said...

Well it looks like I will have to get rid of my antenna that I made especially for 90.7MHz, over ten feet long or 3.3 meters if you use the metric or communist system of measurement. I will miss your witty banter on Monday afternoons. You can take pride on calling yourself Pullman's first conservative radio show.
Good luck on the job.

P.S. If you want to start a pirate radio version of the PES, drop me an email.

Alex Williams said...

Good luck with all your other endeavors Scotty, sucks you had to hang up the mic. Hopefully someone will be able to take over and try to do as great of job as you did being a Conservative talk show host in Pullman.

P.S. Thanks for having me on the show that one time.

Tom Forbes said...

Holy heart failure, Batman!

As much as I hate to see the Dynamic Duo broken up, I do understand where you're coming from. Having done the show solo a few times, I understand what a time consuming drain preparation can be. And I know your high expectations to provide a good show to the listeners. Just like Seinfeld, you're going out on top.

Thanks for the memories, Scotty.