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Monday, April 07, 2008

Education or Proselytization?

The following comment was left by "bmartin" on the "Livin' in the AmeriKKKa" thread.
I have personally taken a class from Kelvin Monroe and it was one of the best classes I ever took. I used to have conservative views but after taking his class he taught us a different way to think opening our eyes to the truths of this world. He at no point forced us to take in his beliefs. He taught us how to think and no form of indoctrination took place. I find it funny that some undergraduate students think they know better then KJM or Hentges. The more you learn, the more you know just how dumb you are. Obviously, this isnt the case for college republicans. I think you guys need to take in Monroes advice and stop sipping the kook-aid fellas

peace and spread the love
I'm sure Mr. Monroe is a wonderful teacher. But let's imagine for a moment that he was teaching a religion class and bmartin had been a Muslim, Jew, atheist, etc. What if bmartin had become a born-again Christian as a result of Mr. Monroe's influence? I wonder how long he would be teaching classes after that?

I'm sorry. I'm not buying this whole "my eyes were closed until they were opened by the CES department" spiel. As the father/stepfather of five children ranging in age from a sophomore in college to a pre-schooler, I have seen firsthand the leftist, politically correct, "white men are evil" version of social sciences taught in our public schools. My kids can't tell you much about Pearl Harbor or D-Day, but they sure know about the Japanese-American internment camps. One kid even thought Martin Luther King had squared off against Robert E. Lee in the Civil War and saved the world.

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Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

The fruits of the CES department. LOL!