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Monday, February 04, 2008

"Mr. DeVoe, let's build a shopping center"

The commissioners voting on the Hawkins development agreement

With those words, Commissioner Jerry Finch closed today's proceedings after the Whitman County Commissioners voted unanimously to enter into an infrastructure development agreement with the Hawkins Companies for a corridor retail development. Following the vote, the commissioners then signed the agreement with Jeff DeVoe signing on behalf of Hawkins. It was all smiles at the courthouse afterwards. I had a chance to personally thank the Hawkins Companies for their patience on behalf of all Whitman County residents.

This day will long be remembered in Whitman County as an economic turning point.

Finch stated this was his "happiest day as a commissioner."

Commissioner Greg Partch said this is the "timing is right to move forward. When we asked the state to improve SR 270, this is what we expected. This bond will never show up on tax statements."

Commissioner Michael Largent said he is only interested in a "win for the Whitman County taxpayer... a win for Whitman County. We're not going to raise taxes. We need to have economic development to keep services at a level the public expects. The ultimate goal is to return money to taxpayers."

The commissioners are to be commended for their bravery and foresight in reaching this decision. Now let's see what Moscow does tonight.

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April E. Coggins said...

I'm sorry we missed the meeting. We had some unexpected business we had to take care of today. I'm glad you were there and were able to congratulate the Commissioners and thank Jeff De Voe of the Hawkins Companies.