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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Explanation as to why Mike Huckabee may be doing so well in Washington

Statement by Washington for Huckabee* Chairman Joe Fuiten:
"The strong showing for Mike Huckabee today puts Huckabee on the path to take a significant number of Washington's delegates to the national convention.

"Many are surprised at what Mike Huckabee did tonight. There is a simple explanation. The rank and file of the Republican party appreciate where he stands on the issues. They also appreciate the kind of character that he exhibits. He has not gone negative. He has kept a positive vision.

"I did a straw poll a few days ago to get a sense for where Evangelical type voters are. They voted 53% for Huckabee, and that was before Romney dropped out. The strength of Huckabee in Washington shows me that Evangelicals are back.

"With Huckabee winning in in a mid-western state like Kansas, a southern state like Louisiana, and doing what he did in a western state like Washington, it demonstrates that he is a strong national candidate.

"Here is the poll I did over several days last week. I think it explains the success of Mike Huckabee tonight."

Click here to view Presidential Straw Poll

** Washington for Huckabee is not officially endorsed by Huckabee for President, Inc.

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