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Saturday, February 09, 2008

FOX News Has Just Called Washington for McCain

Not really a stunning victory for anyone delegate-wise, with an essentially four-way split of 18 of our 40 national convention delegates. Still, it would have been nice to show that Huck can win outside the South. But hopefully this will give him momentum for the primary on February 19 where the other half (20) of the delegates will be decided.

Some thoughts:

Washington is clearly in play for Huckabee. But more attention has to be paid to Washington by the Huckabee campaign. As Rev. Jospeh Fuiten, the leader of the Huckabee grassroots movement in Washington stated to David Postman:
Fuiten said he will make a pitch to the campaign that Huckabee visit Washington before the Feb. 19 primary. Huckabee’s wife, Janet, visited this week, doing more than 15 media appearances, Fuiten said.
“I started calling on the morning after he did so well on Super Tuesday and said, ‘Give us some help out here.’ They put no money into Washington. Zero; no staff, no advertising.”
Huckabee hasn't been in Washington since November. McCain was in Seattle yesterday and cleaned up in King County. Ron Paul was in Spokane a couple of weeks back and won 46% of the delegates in Spokane County. At this point, Huckabee needs every vote he can get.

I'm at a bit of a loss to explain the 17% of the vote garnered by Mitt Romney. He only received 6% in Louisiana and 3% in Kansas today. I suspect the Romney supporters were casting a protest vote, but it is unfortunate we will have delegates assigned to a candidate who is out of the race. My grandmother used to have a saying about "cutting your nose off to spite your face."

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Cougster said...

Pretty weird that the state party has stopped counting the vote...

Seems like they want declare McCain the winner no matter what.

There is still 13% remaining.