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Friday, February 22, 2008

Finally, a Government Subsidy Jim Fisher Likes

You remember liberal-tarian Lewiston Tribune columnist Jim Fisher takes a dim view of the government building a water and sewer system:
If Hawkins were doing what other developers have done in paying the cost of its own development, county revenues from sales and property taxes on the new mall would begin flowing immediately into county coffers.
But in today's column, Fisher is filled with praise for Whitman County for spending $42,795 of the taxpayer's money to help purchase and operate a wood chipper that will "travel the county grinding the wood waste that otherwise might be burned" and encouraging towns to set up composting facilities. He contrasts this with "backwards" Asotin County, that still foolishly expects property owners to either pony up themselves for a chipper or *gasp* burn their brush.

My question is, what if Hakwins uses the wood chipper when they clear off their property to build?


April E. Coggins said...

Asotin County hauls their wood waste to EKO, a private for profit composter. EKO chips it up and uses it for composting. The only difference between Whitman and Asotin County's woodwaste handling is in Jim Fishers mind.

Tom Forbes said...

Knowing Fisher, it's the "for profit" part that bothers him.

Mattwi said...


I saw Liberals and Woddchipper and that got me thinking of the movie FARGO...

Honestly.. I'm kidding...