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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Bills take different approaches to issue of guns on campus: WA edition

Lawmakers have different views on the subject...

Two state lawmakers have offered dramatically different bills dealing with guns on college campuses and the measures touched off spirited debate Thursday at a Senate committee hearing in Olympia.

Read about it here:


and here:


Then check out these WA State House and State Bills regarding these issues:


WA State Bill # Subject Sponsor Status

HB 2268 Weapons at schools Lantz (D-26) DEAD

HB 3131 Weapons on school grounds Lantz (D-26) H. Rules

SB 5791 School gun safety program Sheldon (D-35) DEAD

SB 6304 Firearm possession on campus Kohl-Welles (D-36) DEAD

SB 6686 CPLs for military members Roach (R-31)

SB 6841 Bans firearms on coll. campuses Murray (D-43)

SB 6860 Firearm possession on campus Roach (R-31)
More than 50 citizens in attendance supported SB 6860 and opposed SB 6841, of whom more than a dozen testified. In favor of banning guns on campus were only four individuals by one count. Only three testified in support of the ban.

SB 6861 Expands CPL reciprocity Roach (R-31)

SB 6864 CPL military reciprocity Roach (R-31)

Key to abbreviations: S. = Senate, H. = House, Jud = Judiciary, Ag/NR =
Agriculture & Natural Resources, Educ = Education, HiEd = Higher
Education, K-12 = Education, Lab/Comm = Labor, Commerce, Research &
Development, (X) = X-files (supposedly dead for this session)

There are many more of these bills, some but not all of the current .GOV employees are working hand over fist to erode your rights in WA State...

Link to a list of these bills:

Contact your legislator and politely tell them your thoughts on these issues:


HB 3359, by Rep Al O’Brien (D-1).

HB 3329 requires encoding – serial numbering – all handgun ammunition sold in the state of Washington.

BOTH the projectile (bullet) AND cartridge case marked with an identifiable serial number. It also includes pistol bullets for reloading. Retailers are required to report the sale of ammunition with the serial numbers involved and the identifying information taken from government-issued ID, to the state Department of Licensing. The requirement takes effect January 1, 2010.

As written, the bill would have a major impact on consumer ammunition costs AND on state bureaucracy, requiring significant staff expansion to meet record-keeping requirements.

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