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Friday, February 15, 2008

Brother Barack's Travelin' Salvation Show

KIRO talker Dori Monson has a great story on his website busting Barack Obama for some shameless histrionics and cheap parlor tricks worthy of a tawdry televangelist:
A Wall Street Journal writer, James Taranto, has uncovered a hilarious and puzzling coincidence at 5 different Sen. Obama campaign speeches over the last few months, including the recent speech in Seattle.

Dori and listeners have found one other Sen. Obama incident posted on YouTube where a person near the stage faints. Sen. Obama responds to each incident with the same routine and phrases.

Is it phoney, orchestrated, manufactured campaign theatrics or is it merely physiological coincidence? You be the judge.
Here are some more instances:

VIDEO Sept. 8th, 2007--Sen. Obama in Santa Barbara, CA scroll to 6:29

VIDEO Dec. 8th, 2007--Sen. Obama in Des Moines, IA scroll to 1:45

VIDEO Jan. 8th, 2008--Sen. Obama in Hanover, NH

VIDEO Feb. 4th, 2008--Sen. Obama in Hartford, CT scroll to 6:05

AUDIO Feb 8th, 2008 Sen. Obama encountered another fainter at his Key Arena speech in Seattle


MarvinK said...

Oops... looks like one of Obama's fans accidentally went to the wrong speech:


Bill doesn't seem to have the same level of sympathy.

MarvinK said...

Too bad Gore didn't have a polished response:


I'm sorry--I generally vote conservative, but I'm not partisan enough to consider this staged. It isn't surprising that his response is relatively similar each time--I mean it's the same guy.

Hardcore partisan conspiracists do little more than alienate mainstream voters with conspiracy gossip like this (whether they are from the right or left).

Just my 2 cents...

Mattwi said...

! All together now !

It's Love
Brother Love
say Obama's Traveling Salvation Show

Pack up the babies
And grab the old ladies and ev'ryone goes

I say, Love
Brother Love
say Brother obama's Traveling Salvation Show

Pack up the babies

And grab the old ladies and

ev'ryone goes...

Now who wants to remix that over a montage of the videos..?