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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Enough of the Bellyaching

It had to happen eventually. I agree with Pullman League of Women Voters president Alice Schroeder. From last Friday's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
League of Women Voters President Alice Schroeder said both political parties fought in court to have the right to conduct separate primaries.

"People forget the parties are private entities," Schroeder said. "They have the right to demand only members of their party vote on their ballot."

"Basically if people are unhappy they have the right to establish a new party," she added.
Exactly. This is NOT a general election. Open primaries, in general, are very bad, as they often allow the opposition to choose a party's nominee.

The only legitimate beef that anyone has is that state taxpayers have to pay for the primary today, which for Democrats is meaningless and for the Republicans only selects 19 delegates. Either get rid of the primary or make the parties pay for them.

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