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Monday, February 04, 2008

Greg Partch Will Seek Another Term as Commissioner

Greg Partch, seen here signing the Hawkins development agreement today

Republican Whitman County Commissioner Greg Partch announced at noon today in the Whitman County Commissioners Chambers that he will seek a third term as District 1 Commissioner. He said it wasn't an easy decision. The salary commission decision to raise county commissioner's salaries played a big role in his decision. Partch said people didn't realize what a time-consuming job being a commissioner was.

Economic development is Partch's main platform, along with "peace in the courthouse." He said it took a year and a half after taking office the first time, but there is now more of a team effort between the commissioners and other county elected officials.

The Pullman-Moscow corridor is a natural place for economic development, so he and Commissioner Finch planned accordingly. They rezoned it several years back to be business-friendly. The county has bent over backwards to partner with Hawkins, but would have done so with any business.

In four years, Partch expects to see the fruits of this economic investment. He thinks the county is in the best hands it has ever been in before. There are things we work together with Moscow on currently and he hopes we can work together better in the future.

Greg has certainly earned another four years on the county commission and he has my fullest endorsement.

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