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Thursday, June 05, 2008

"Rep. Schmick: Thank you sir! May I have another?"

Hoo boy, if you thought Caitlin "The Carpetbagger" Ross's statehouse run in 2006 was hilarious, now we have a Green Party (!) candidate and a Pullman "Democratic activist" running against Joe Schmick. Will we ever get a serious candidate from the left in the 9th District?

From Chris Mulick's Olympia Dispatch blog at the Tri-City Herald:

Earlier this week we told you about freshman Rep. Joe Schmick’s first challenger, the Green Party’s Christopher Winter of Clarkston. Now it appears the Colfax Republican has drawn another.

That would be Pullman Democratic activist Tyana Kelley, who signed up Tuesday. But that’s about all I can find on Kelley without picking up the phone, something I don’t have time for at present.

This will be Schmick’s first time facing voters as a Representative. He lost in a four way primary in 2006 for an open seat that eventually went to Rep. Steve Hailey, R-Mesa.

Schmick was appointed to the House late last year to replace Rep. David Buri, a Colfax Republican who stepped down to get into the lobbying business.

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Satanic Mechanic said...

If the Dems in the 9th district want a strong candidate, they should shave a chimp and nominate it. They would get all twelve Dem votes for that. Second choice for a candidate would be a Giant Palouse Earthworm, but the Dems would have to find one first. The third plan would be to stick "Loopy Lupke" in a gorilla suit (he's already bananas), that would get all five PARD votes.
It would be funny if the Green candidate got more votes then the Dems. A Green from Clarkston.... that has great joke potential.