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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Off to Kenya

And I'm off - to Kenya. I've been particularly quiet on the blog lately - I've had a lot of preparations as my wife and I lead a team to Garissa, Kenya where we'll be working with various people groups including a Somali refugee camp. We'll be blogging at http://pullmanfoursquaremissions.blogspot.com/ If there is any interesting local political news I'll cross post. And hey, no thieves need visit my house as I'll have house sitter and she knows where the ammo is.


Satanic Mechanic said...

Good luck and good voyage Bruce. On the way back, can you pick me up a couple AK's and a RPG-7A, not a RPG-7.

Mattwi said...


Good luck on the trip.

Here is a tip from my friend who owns land there... do not buy the trinkets and souvenirs at the airport, they are junk and over priced, buy souvenirs from the people where you will be staying, they are the real deal and a bargain.

BTW, my buddy is married into a Masai tribe... he looks hilarious dressed in their traditional garb!

Bruce Heimbigner said...

The place we are going is so remote that even Kenyans ask why are you going to Garissa? no one goes to garrisa. except me. We'll be visiting some tribal people I know nothing about them. We won't be buying the shirts off their backs but I certainly have stuff to trade. There are no tourists in Garissa. so shopping will for sure be a local experience I'm looking forward to.

April E. Coggins said...

I find it humorous and ironic that many outsiders consider Pullman remote and far, far away from real civilization and yet Garissa is even more remote? Remote from what and remote to whom?

Hey, even Pullman is getting a Super Wal-Mart! I would bet Garissa can't say that. LOL! Good luck and enjoy your trip. Tell Eliza T. we will be thinking of her.