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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Number 3 Snowiest Winter By The Weekend?

Yesterday's snowfall in Spokane made this the 6th snowiest winter ever. If forecast prove true, it could be the 3rd snowiest every by tomorrow evening. And, considering how early we are in the snow season, this could be a record breaker.

The last I heard, Cascade snow pack was 190% of average. Last summer Seattle's mayor was insisting that low snow packs were proof of global warming. It turns out that he was wrong and the meteorologist who set him straight was fired for speaking truth to power.

I look forward to all the "experts" lecturing us that this is caused by global warming. It's a wonderful theory that is supported by any departure from average in either direction.

July - January Snowfall update my be to include yesterday's Tuesday's storm.

1964-65 77.3"

1949-50 74.3"

1992-93 70.1"

1968-69 69.7"

1996-97 67.5"

1951-52 65.5"

2007-08 65.5"


Tom Forbes said...

And the SNOWIEST WINTER EVER in Coeur d'Alene. Perhaps the Goreacle has a cabin on the lake.....

Michael said...

My bad. I rechecked the Spokane NWS website and the totals I cited were only through January. Final totals are quite a bit higher. Spokane will need another 18 inches to break the all-time record. About a week's worth the way things have been going.

Michael said...

Wow! I'm having a bad day. I should have written 28 more inches - two week's worth.

Tom Forbes said...

I blame all this snow on Karl Rove and ExxonMobil trying to keep Al Gore out of the presidential race.

Mattwi said...

I just read a story saying the Antarctic ice pack is also growing larger, not shrinking... damn we're all going to die.. the next ice age is here.. stock up on fuel, ammo, food and toilet paper... also don't forget to go to Costco and get your 64 pack of AA batteries.. LOL