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Thursday, January 03, 2008

An Inconvenient Driveway

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change needs to meet in Pullman in December instead of Bali.

I have just returned home after spending almost two weeks in the Seattle area, which had its first white Christmas in over a decade.

What did I do first when I got home? Shovel several inches of crusty, heavy global warming off my driveway. The National Weather Service says it was the snowiest December in eastern Washington in some 40 years.


Michael said...

Instead of playing "Where's Carmen Sandiego," perhaps we should play, "Where's Al Gore?" I vote for Florida, where the citrus crop is freezing.
BTW, I just spent the last two weeks in Yuma, Arizona. Last year, Yuma suffered through its coldest winter in 37 years and so far this winter is much colder. Maybe that's because Algore celebrated winning his Nobel Prize in Arizona.

Mattwi said...

Yeah but "The Goracle" predicted this... cue angelic music: "It hath come to pass, and so it shall be"...

(All hail Plankton)

If it is too hot: Global Warming
If it is too cold: Global Warming

Come on, we all know how this dog and pony show works...