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Friday, January 18, 2008

A Plug for the Death Penalty

How often do we hear the argument that if we lock up a killer for life "he can never murder again".

I have pointed out before that is completely FALSE! He can continue to murder -- other inmates and the Correction Officers. Plus there is always a chance to escape and murder again on the streets.

From the SeattleTimes.com:
Monroe inmate convicted of second-degree murder for strangling cellmate

A Monroe Reformatory inmate who strangled a cellmate with the draw string from sweat pants was convicted of second-degree murder.

Read the rest on the SeattleTimes.com webiste.

The only way this killing may not have happened is if the murderer was dead due to the death penalty

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Barenjager said...

I disagree, Scotty. I don't believe the death penalty is the only way to prevent further offenses and I don't believe it's the best available deterrent in the first place.

In today's culture, especially among the hard core criminal element, death is far from the worst thing that can happen. The thing criminals fear worst are each other and particularly, they fear being vulnerable to abuse by other criminals like themselves. In fact, prisoners under death sentence enjoy a certain cachet among their peers as they have proven they are bad boys not to be trifled with.

If it were up to me, instead of life in prison or the death penalty, I would impose the use of Dr. Gottlieb Burckhardt's method of lobotomy. It turns even the hardest criminal into a very docile person.

There's nothing cool about being turned into a zombie and thus vulnerable to attack by even the pettiest thug. Being lobotomized would be a much more dreadful fate for hardened criminals and it would be far cheaper for the public. Think of it; no need for expensive prison space, armed guards, or other special accommodations for ultra violent types. They could be managed in hospice settings and put to work in the community doing menial tasks.

In my opinion, that's far better than long term incarceration OR dealing with their run up to execution.

Drill 'em, neuter 'em and give 'em a street broom!