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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Huckabee Leads Nationally; Signs "No Amnesty" Immigration Pledge

A Rasmussen poll released today shows that Governor Mike Huckabee leads among Republicans nationwide with 23%. Senator John McCain is in second with 20%. Polls also show that Huckabee is now tied with McCain in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, in a move that will increase his support among conservatives, Governor Huckabee yesterday signed a "No Amnesty" pledge concerning illegal immigrants.

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Satanic Mechanic said...

About time one of the top runners addresses this issue. I thought Duncan Hunter was the only candidate running with this issue. Huckabee will grab the grassroots conservative votes with this pledge.
Also Huckabee scored an "A" average grade from the GOA/NRA-ILA. Mitt got a "D-" and McCain got a "F" grade.