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Friday, January 25, 2008

Chris Lupke: Working Class Hero

Fear not, gentle reader, The PARD of Avon is back. He wrote the following on the Daily News website last Friday:
I am pleased to see Alice Schroeder speak out against this ill-conceived plan to prop up the Hawkins Project on the back of Whitman county residents. It was shocking to me to read the coverage in this newspaper that mis-lead the reader to believe that residents support this boondoggle. There has been one half-hour meeting and another is scheduled for next week. Both are in Colfax. For those of us who work for a living, it is difficult to take time out of the middle of the work day to drive so far. But even if we did, what is the message being sent by the county government by scheduling only a half-hour for such a meeting?
Apparently, however, working stiff tenured professor Lupke did find the time to take out of his busy work day to drive home this afternoon and post this on the Daily News website at 1:19 PM (ironically, the approximate starting time of the first hearing in Colfax on Hawkins):

I'm still waiting for you to publicly reconcile a government handout to the Hawkins corporation with your expressed libertarian beliefs.

The good news is that after a small amount of fanfare by a couple radicals and the conservative editorial board of this paper, it now looks certain that this half-baked idea is going nowhere. It is even being vocally opposed by major, local developers, because it unfairly supports one corporate interest while ignoring local businesses in Pullman and the county who could use the subsidy too.

Of course, there are other problems with the project too.
I am assuming, of course, that Lupke, taxpayer champion that he is, drove home to post his personal political views from his own computer rather than utilizing the taxpayer-funded network and computer provided to him by WSU.


April E. Coggins said...

Lupke labels people who support free-enterprise as "radicals" and then wonders why some people believe he is communist? ROFL!

Satanic Mechanic said...

What the hell is Loopy Lupke doing in Taiwan anyway? Is he spying for the ChiComs? He should be in Beijeng or hanging out with Kim Jong Ill in the DPRK getting a new hair style.

Tom Forbes said...

The hard-working Teacher Lu is back in Pullman now.

Tom Forbes said...

What's radical is public statements like this:

By definition, a survey is only a portion of the population targeted, and all surveys use the resulting percentages to represent the the population as a whole. PARD's petition signatures are no different.

Thus, if two-thirds of our now more than 8,000 signers against the Wal-Mart Supercenter are from Pullman, then it follows by every academic standard that, if the entire population of Pullman were surveyed, the results would probably be very similar.

April and I only spoke on behalf of ourselves and BREO. We'll leave the arrogant presumption of claiming to have "clearly won the battle of public opinion" to Baghdad Chris and the PARDners.

April E. Coggins said...

Last I checked, a survey reveals all opinions and not just the opinions of people who happen to agree. And purposely misleading people into signing a "survey" completely discredits said survey/petition and the people who promote it. PARD may as well rename themselves the Pullman Liars Club.