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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


So Dave, I am a little curious about your comment "I guess the concept of non-partisan office is lost these days". Are you saying there has not been partisanship in local Pullman City Council races? How about Mr. Nathan Weller being endorsed by the Whitman County Demo's on their website for the Ward 2 positon this fall? No one from the DEMO party bothered to call me or talk to me about my views on any issues or my stance on any issue. They just automatically endorsed Mr. Weller. By the way, are you one of the people Nathan brought to the League of Women Voters Candidate Forum that acussed me of of not submitting proper paperwork to the State of Washington? By the way ALL of my required paperwork has been filed with the State of Washington, just to make things clear. So, when will we see your endorsement for a non-partisan position on the DEMO website? Either of the other two candidates for Pullman City Council Ward 3 would be welcome.


Tom Forbes said...

Let me expound a little more in what Al said.

Citizens of Washington realize that Democrats, particularly liberal Democrats like Mr. Gibney, do not understand the concept of "non-partisan" or "bi-partisan." Senator Oemig's impeachment investigation resolution is a prime example of this. There is much serious business that needs to be resolved in Olympia of a non-partisan/bi-partisan nature: our crumbling infrastructure (the Viaduct, the 520 floating bridge, etc.), fixing the WASL, stopping sex offenders, accessible health care, and so on. Yet Oemig and his nutroots lunatics want to tilt at windmills and waste the people's time and money by going after a President and Vice President that will leave office in less than a year anyway.

Think leftist nitwittery is limited to the state and federal level? Think again.

The Berkeley City Council just passed resolutions supporting anti-war protests and criticizing military recruitment practices and sent the Marine Corps a letter that are “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” in the city.

In Brattleboro, VT, the Town Select Board put a petition to indict President Bush and Vice President Cheney for "war crimes, perjury and obstruction of justice" on the ballot for March 4.

We don't need carnival sideshows like that here in Pullman.

Dave Gibney said...

Dr. Forbes, there is no reason to believe I would engage in such a "carnival sideshow" as a member of the Pullman City Council.

Mr. Sorenson, Nathan asked, you didn't. I spoke in caution about endorsing in the nonpartisan council race, just like I have spoke in many times in the past. I did not persuade the group. And, if you remember, Nathan ran as a Democrat for the County Commission.
I'm not saying there hasn't been partisanship in the Council races, I'm saying that I am not asking for partisan support for this appointment. If the WCD does mention me on their website, it will be without my request.
I appreciate the reminder about PDC requirements, if I'm appointed, I will file a timely F1. For what it is worth (not much) I did try to find you at www.pdc.wa.gov today. I guess their searches are hard to use, because I didn't find any forms filed by you. Mind you, I'm not saying you didn't file, just that I didn't find any forms under your name.
As an observer from outside your ward, I would say that you lost because you did not make a serious campaign to win. Nathan obviously did. You would still be on the council, had you spent one or two more weekends walking your ward and meeting the voters. The margin wasn't that large.

Tom Forbes said...

Just to clarify, my lovely wife is Dr. Forbes. But if you like, you can refer to me as Dr. Errol Von Straussenburgerbecken.

April E. Coggins said...

Dave, the Whitman County Democrat Party endorsed Pullman City Council candidate Judy Krueger who also didn't file. There is assumption of compliance that neither Al or Judy raised or spent enough money to meet the documentation standards that would register them on the Public Disclosure website. Al's objection is the use of local Democrat resources to smear him and the ugly public accusation that he was somehow remiss in his legal filings when the people making the accusations knew full well that he had made every neccessary filing.

For all I know, Al is a Democrat but the local Dems endorsed a candidate and then campaigned for him. Not exactly a non-partisan stand. Actions like that will lead to partisan candidates. Please don't try to play the innocent. If you want the council races to remain non-partisan tell your party to knock it off and to back off the city council races.

Dave Gibney said...

Sorry about the Dr. Forbes comment, I didn't know, as I don't really know anything about you. I regret the attribution, and I'm also having some "fun" shoveling snow.

Alice, again, regarding Judy, I wasn't in favor of an endorsement due to my belief that the Council races should remain non-partisan, again, I lost the argument, and I didn't pay any attention to her filings.

Al said he filed all required filing, I said I couldn't find the filings when I looked today after his post. I did not say the filings did not exist. I do know that even the most modest campaign needs to file at least the limited filing forms.

I am not a rabid no growther, I am concerned about many of the issues that have resulted from our recent period of rapid growth.

Stormwater, how we will balance the budget if all the construction sales tax ends, unfunded mandates based on Westside norms, Utility tax increases to extend services to the airport and the corridor, parking throughout Pullman, and several others.
If I am appointed, I will do my best to address these issues and serve the citizens of Pullman to the best of my ability.