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Saturday, January 05, 2008

Aaron Ament - Sore Loser

Aaron Ament doesn't take kindly to being shown the door by Moscow's voters. What really seems to rankle him is that too many people pay attention to Doug Wilson and that too many Moscow residents oppose anti-Christian bigotry.

Aaron Ament, an ousted city councilor here who's never been known to pull a political punch, has decided to depart with a few left-wing haymakers.

First, a jab at Mayor Nancy Chaney.

"She had this idea she could have everybody love her. That all sides would come together. Unless the (new) council is arrogant beyond my expectations about what they'll do, I don't think Nancy has a chance of winning re-election."

How about an uppercut for that new right-leaning city council?

"We'll be back to the kind of government we had three years ago, which is run by the golden rule. Whoever has the gold makes the rules."

And here's a not-so-subtle right cross for the local pastor of Christ Church.

"It's dangerous to have a man who controls the votes of 175 students and however many people in his church. I'm talking about Doug Wilson. Should one person control 600 votes?"

Finally, a knock-out blow aimed at those who say Moscow's city council over the past two years, with Ament in the thick of it all, was using government as a tool for social engineering.

"That's what government is. To me, civilization is about making life livable for more and more and more people. If government is not working to make people's lives more livable, then we don't need government. We need something else. Because that's what government should be about. That's what the continued march of civilization is about."

Boo frigging hoo.

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