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Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Gibney, Wright apply for City Council seat"

In the fine Stalinist "progressive" tradition of upholding the First Amendment we have seen demostrated previously by David Leonard and Alex McDonald, Dave Gibney's friend, uber-nutroots Noemie Maxwell, had Blogger remove the picture of Dave at the Northwest Progressive Conference I had posted. Democrats like Peter Goldmark will never get elected in Eastern Washington as long as they are supported by snooty, intolerant, condescending, anti-Christian West Side moonbats like Maxwell. She wouldn't know anything about a "farmer's protest" if it jumped up and bit her in the ass.

You can still view it
here. Scroll to the bottom of the page. Why are liberals so camera shy?

Here's some info that wasn't included in the article below.

Dave Gibney is a former state committeeman and current Precinct Committee Officer for the Whitman County Democrats. He is also a prolific commenter on various liberal Washington blogs, such as Washblog, where he left the following comment:
I know the Young Democrats of WSU were also part if this effort, but since they are particularly politically savvy, they kept their participation in the background. The young R's here are sorta distruptive.
From Friday's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
Dave Gibney and Patricia A. Wright recently submitted their applications for the vacant Pullman City Council Ward 3 position.

Gibney is a systems programmer at Washington State University. He first came to Pullman as a WSU student and has remained here since 1981. He serves as treasurer of the Friends of Gladish Board of Directors.

Wright has been a Pullman resident since 1975 and recently retired as general manager of The Bookie at WSU. She sits on the boards of the Pullman Chamber of Commerce and Pullman Education Foundation. She also is active in the Pullman Civil Service Commission and the Pullman Regional Hospital Auxiliary.

The council will interview candidates and choose a new member at its Feb. 5 meeting. The selected individual will take the oath of office the same evening.

The Ward 3 seat came open when it was determined that recently elected Devon Felsted would have to step down due to a conflict of interest. David Stiller, who was voted into the position in 2003, did not seek re-election.

Terence L. Day of Pullman also has applied for the Ward 3 seat.

The Ward 3 application period will close at 5 p.m. Thursday. Applicants must be registered voters over the age of 18, a Pullman resident for one year prior to appointment and reside in Ward 3, which encompasses Pioneer Hill and portions of College Hill. Interested individuals should submit a letter of application and answer a set of standard questions. Copies of those questions are available in the mayor's office in Pullman City Hall.


Dave Gibney said...

Thanks for the publicity. And, I guess the concept of non-partisan office is lost these days.
I stand onmy record of close to 20 years of involvement in the Pullman Community. Just because I'm too liberal for your tatse doesn't detract from my long term knowledge and participation in the issues that concern the citizens of Pullman.

Tom Forbes said...

Hi Dave. I'm curious. Do you feel that Sen Oemig's impeachment investigation resolution is a wise use of the Washington legislature's time and resources?

Michael said...

That photo vindicates my prediction that the Northwest Progressive Conference would bear a striking resemblance to the cantina scene in Star Wars.

A1 said...

So Dave, I think yor comment about non-partisan office is a little hipocritical. Nathan Weller made the Ward 2 race for city council a partisan race. Just waitng for the Whitman County Demo's to endorse you like they did Nathan! By the way I was never asked or contacted during the race so how did the Demos' decide to endorse Nathan? By the way, are you one of the people in attendance at the League of Women Voters Candidate forum that accussed me of not filing proper paperwork with the State of Washington? By the way, all my paperwrok was filed on time and complete!

Dave Gibney said...

Al may have a valid point. But as you seem to no longer approve my posts...
I'm sure if I asked or maybe even if I don't ask WCD would approve or endorse me.
I haven't asked. I am standing on my record as a citizen of Pullman. Gladish has always been a bi-partisan effort. I don't inject partisan comments when I address the council.

Tom Forbes said...

Let me expound a little more in what Al said.

Citizens of Washington realize that Democrats, particularly liberal Democrats like Mr. Gibney, do not understand the concept of "non-partisan" or "bi-partisan." Senator Oemig's impeachment investigation resolution is a prime example of this. There is much serious business that needs to be resolved in Olympia of a non-partisan/bi-partisan nature: our crumbling infrastructure (the Viaduct, the 520 floating bridge, etc.), fixing the WASL, stopping sex offenders, accessible health care, and so on. Yet Oemig and his nutroots lunatics want to tilt at windmills and waste the people's time and money by going after a President and Vice President that will leave office in less than a year anyway.

Think leftist nitwittery is limited to the state and federal level? Think again.

The Berkeley City Council just passed resolutions supporting anti-war protests and criticizing military recruitment practices and sent the Marine Corps a letter that are “uninvited and unwelcome intruders” in the city.

In Brattleboro, VT, the Town Select Board put a petition to indict President Bush and Vice President Cheney for "war crimes, perjury and obstruction of justice" on the ballot for March 4.

We don't need carnival sideshows like that here in Pullman.

Tom Forbes said...

Dave, your post was not approved because you falsely accused me of committing a crime, which of course is libel. Libel is not allowed on this blog.

Dave Gibney said...

Please forward my comment back, as blog owner, you know my email address.
I don't recall making accusactions, I thought I asked a question and commented on the subsitutedd picture. If I'm wrong, after seeing my comment, I will apologize.
you may rest assured, that what ever my opinions are of the Presdident, I know that the City of Pullman has far more important local and regional issues. Pullman is not Berkley and I've never lived in California.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Dave, your post was not approved because you falsely accused me of committing a crime, which of course is libel. Libel is not allowed on this blog.

Now if only a certain agency here in this town could grasp this concept...

Tom Forbes said...

I no longer have the comment, but you accused me of stealing Ms. Maxwell's "intellectual property" without attribution.

However, Section 107 of the Copyright Act states that "there are certain kinds of reproductions and displays that are fair use and therefore, not an infringement or illegal -- even when used without the permission or attribution of the copyright owner. Such uses include but are not limited to parody, criticism, commentary, news reporting, educational use, etc."

My usage of Ms. Maxwell's photo would be considered fair use under the first four of those criteria.

Dave Gibney said...

No, I asked why you objected to her taking action to protect her intellectual proprety. I stated that a simple attribution would have "neutralized" the issue. For the record, I had no part in her action. I found out after you did.
I also still see this conversation as one sided, as you did not approve my post reques for additional clarification. So, now I stand accused of libel, without opportinity to refute.

Tom Forbes said...

No, Dave, luckily you didn't commit libel because I didn't publish your post. Nor did I publish Ms. Maxwell's libelous post where she wrote that:

Please take the photo off this story and remove it from where you downloaded it onto the Blogger.com server.

I will assume that this was done in innocence, that you did not know this is a violation of the law and a violation of common courtesy.

This had nothing to do with "attribution" or "intellectual property." It has everything to do with the typical liberal arrogance, nastiness, hyper-litigiousness, pissiness, and general tight-assedness. I only pray for Ms. Maxwell's sake that Washblog is , very, very, very careful in its use of "copyrighted" material lest it find itself the subject of a copyright complaint.

Dave Gibney said...

Thank, you. I also see I need to use the preview feature more often.
I think this one has been beaten enough. I may respond to Al's post, or I may just remain silent until after Tuesday.
I just got back from the IT Building, needed to mount some tapes and help keep the University in business. Month end isn't the best time to close up shop :)

Tom Forbes said...

Don Ward, over at Sound Politics, summed up these types well:

This is kind of a trend that I've seen with folks who spend their waking hours agitating for extreme left.

I've noticed this persecution complex that everyone is out to get them, that they are so important that they are the only ones who can change the world and they'd be able to do it too if it wasn't for those rascally Republicans, evil corporations, BushCheneyRoveRumsfeld or whatever.

Dave Gibney said...

I congratulate Pat Wright, I am sure she will serve Pullman well.