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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

BREAKING NEWS!!! Fred Russell Sentenced!

Frazier spoke to the court. He talked about how difficult these cases are to hear and to deal with. He talked about all the statements made by the people through out the day. Said in light what what was said he would seem sterile and scientific.

His job is not to make a decision to make it on emotion nor use other factors such as bail jumping, rumors, nor his personal philosophy. He said sentencing is up to the legislaturs, whether we like it or not.

Said there is going to be and should be severe consequence in this case. Judge Frazier is making it clear that Russell must be prepared to pay the price for his action where several people were killed.

Per the ligislature has spoken. There is a range that Frazier has to be within, by law. A law that he has to follow, even though Russell did not follow the law.

Frazier said Russell is going to be the maximum. He must be held accountable. He said Russell deserves the maximum.

Fred Russell has been sentenced to 171 Months in jail. That equates to 14 Years and 3 months. He will have community custody in the standard range of 18 to 36 months as determined by Department of Corrections.

He is getting 171 months on each count of vehiclar homicide and 84 months for each count of vehiclar assault charge. Per law they have to be served concurrently. Which means that he is serving all the sentences at one time rather than them being stacked. He gets credit for time served in Whitman County, but NOT for time served in Ireland.

As an example, if it was consective, that would mean we would add 171 + 171 + 171 + 84 + 84 + 84. But instead this is concurrent. That means that the time to be served is 171 months total.


Satanic Mechanic said...

14 years? That's all? The S.O.B. should have been hanged for all the crap he did.
One question I have always wondered is why he was not charged with fleeing the country? I do not know what the legalese term is, but isn't that evading justice?

Scotty said...

That was part of the deal made to even get him back from Ireland. They were probably not going to give him up if he was charged with running. That is part of why the state didn't want him to receive time credit for the jail time in Ireland.

14 years and 3 months was the maximum allowed by law.