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Monday, April 09, 2007

VFW Statement On Iraq Supplemental Funding Bill

In case you missed this – please read. Then send a message to your Congressman, Congresswoman or Senator to let them know if you agree with the Veterans of Foreign Wars. If you live in the Washington’s 5th District (Eastern Washington) you may contact Congresswoman Cathy McMorris Rodgers at jwmcmorris@yahoo.com. Please forward this message to your family and friends.
Statement by George Lisicki
Senior Vice Commander, Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States
Las Vegas, Nevada
April 3, 2007

VFW Statement

As we all know, President Bush has vowed to veto the war supplemental legislation that Congress recently voted to pass.

Both the House and the Senate funding packages were loaded with extraneous spending not related to the war on terror. The funding packages also contained artificial troop withdrawal deadlines that would ultimately break the morale of our troops in the field and directly jeopardize their safety.

Speaking on behalf of America's largest organization of combat veterans, I am calling on all members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives to, for now, reserve further debate and provide the funds needed by our troops to prosecute the Global War on Terror, Iraq clearly being the centerpiece of that war.

This isn't a Democrat or Republican issue. It's about American men and women tasked with fighting a war and now being told their effort and sacrifice don't matter because a date on the calendar will send them home whether they've finished the job or not.

At this time we ask Congress to never cut or withhold funding for troops deployed or being deployed to a war zone. They must ensure that those who are sent to war have the best equipment and strong support of this congress. Give them the tools necessary to complete the mission you sent them on, and do it without further delay.

When Congress reconvenes, they need to approve funding for war related requirements ONLY and debate the other issues in separate legislation.

Today, there are disturbing reports that the Senate Majority Leader from the great state of Nevada, Senator Reid, has stated that he will introduce legislation that would immediately cut off funding for the war. By proposing this type of legislation, Senator Reid would be abdicating the responsibility he has to help protect and defend our nation and to the men and women serving in our Armed Forces.

Simply put, it's reckless and is tantamount to waving a white flag of surrender to the enemy.

If such legislation is introduced by Senator Reid, he can be assured that the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States will strongly urge its membership to work to defeat its passage.

This concludes my statement.

George Lisicki Senior Vice Commander Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States.