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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sanctuary Cities

Here's an addition to Scotty's earlier post about an illegal alien killing the UW student.

In Virginia Beach, VA, an illegal alien with 2-prior drunk driving convictions has been charged with manslaughter in an accident that killed two high school girls, aged 16 and 17.

The connection with Seattle is that both Seattle and Virginia Beach are so called "sanctuary cities." In these cities, ordinances have been passed that prevent law enforcement officials from reporting illegal immigrants. In the Virginia Beach case, it is likely the man accused of killing the two young girls would have been apprehended by the INS after any of the four or so times he was in police custody previously had his illegal status been reported.

And this is a quote from the Seattle PI story on UW student Rebecca Griego's alleged murderer (who is white and English, so no talk of "racism" please):
Seattle police arrested Rowan for drunken driving June 30, but officers apparently didn't know he was in the country illegally.

City law forbids Seattle police from inquiring about immigration status, unless the officer has a reasonable suspicion that person is here illegally.
The article mentions that INS had been looking for this individual for many years. A tip from the Seattle police to the INS in this case would have prevented the murder of Griego.

How can we not say we don't need immigration reform in cases like these? Police routinely do a check for wants and warrants with every "contact" they make with an individual. Isn't being an illegal alien the same as having a de facto felony warant out for your arrest? It's hardly the same as asking someone their sexual orientation or religion.

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The Geezer said...

When I call the city, they call me back on my CELL phone, caller ID blocked, and not even in my name.

Obviously, I am in their database.

Howcome this illegal isn't?

Now, on to a little of what the DV INDUSTRY calls "blaming the victim". I call it taking personal responsibility for your actions.

First, no one deserves to die for making ill decisions. This woman used to LIVE with this guy. She didn't bother to check him out? She didn't think it suspicious he had money but no job? She didn't enjoy the fruits of his ill-gotten labors, by accepting help with the rent and food?

C'mon, if we mention personal responsibility, then we are "blaming the victim".

Like the head DV Persecutor (sic)from the County of Kings told me on the phone, "I just care about victims, I don't care how they became victims".

Of course, more victims will keep his fat paycheck rollin' in, and will keep the Domestic Violence INDUSTRY's money train a-rollin.

The Geezer