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Thursday, April 19, 2007

All The News That's Unfit to Print

The Daily News and reporter Amy Gray owe Danny Schanze a big apology and a prominent retraction.

In a story today, it was reported:
Daniel F. Schanze, political action chairman for the College Republicans, asked Hing, "Why would you have laws and not enforce them?" He also asked why Immigration and Naturalization Service agents have been prosecuted "in instances where they have done things I think are reasonable," such as shooting at an armed assailant.

Hing asked for details, which Schanze could not provide, then answered that law enforcement personnel can be prosecuted if they do not follow the law.

"I was on Janet Reno's citizens advisory panel to monitor Border Patrol abuse and minimize it," Hing said, explaining that agents were rarely prosecuted.
The problem is, it wasn't Danny. According to Danny:
WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I never asked a question. I was barely there, I was sick with a migraine and had a tutoring appointment. I missed the question and answer session!!! I never asked a single question.
The proof is on film here.

Not only do the CRs have to deal with the CES Department setting them up, now they have reporters misattributing who said what.

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April E. Coggins said...

I have never been more disappointed in the Daily News. Not only did the Daily News completely ignore the WSU College Republican event last week, now they have stooped to maliciousness. This is not a simple error. The ommission of the Republican event last week, the coverage of the "Great Corridor Debate" the next day and now the twisting of facts in the Foley Institute story can not be considered coincidental errors. At what point does a newspaper become political tool?