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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Foley Institute Immigration Panel Video




Note: This video was filmed using a Sony w810i cell phone


Tom Forbes said...

Let me take a wild guess and assume none of the speakers were called a "white shitbag."

Adam J. Niehenke said...

Someone sitting next to me called Hing some choice names, but they defintly were not racial. Ironically Streamas was sitting in the same row as the college of Republicans. Both were on the same side I think. They has some good view points and data to support their view.However, Johnson left out that he did his data on skilled and not unskilled labor. A little biased one could think. I"m glad both supported my point that political change is slowed down when immagrants are allowed into the country.

April E. Coggins said...

I had never heard of the "Foley Institute" until now. Just in case other readers are not familiar, it is named after Tom Foley. The guy who ran as a conservative at home and voted liberal in Washington D.C. C-span and the news media was part of his undoing. The fact that he sued his own constuents was also a part, but I digress.

The Foley Institute is a wildly liberal orginization. I guess they attach "Institute" to the back of their name to appear credible.

On April 24th, one of their members is conducting another "forum".


William R. Catton Jr.
Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology
Washington State University

Tuesday, April 24, 2007
3:15–4:45 p.m.
Todd Hall 226

America developed its value system in the "age of exuberance" made possible by civilization's expansion into the so-called New World. We did not understand soon enough how dependent our values were upon a carrying capacity surplus. Life had to change drastically when the New World filled up with resource-ravenous people, which was no longer new, and it became necessary to adjust to increasingly serious carrying capacity deficits. The marvels made possible by 20th-century technological advances aggravated the carrying capacity deficits, during what was already a "post-exuberant" age. As we moved into the 21st century, we continued denying reality and failed to see this would become the "bottleneck century." We allowed ourselves to be preoccupied with WMD—"Wars of Mass Distraction."


Rolling eyes collectively, does this sound like a balanced lecture? Is the Tom Foley Institute a balanced think tank or another political action group who is getting a free pass? Is there anything wrong with Democrats passing out information fliers to Republicans? Is there something wrong or criminal in offering a different point of view?

Truth said...

Ah the Foley Institute. They've brought out some liberal speakers as those representing our distrint in the state legislature, and the Cheif Justice of the Washington Supreme Court.

It's an institute designed to raise political awareness at WSU.

And Adam, could you please explain how political change is slowed by immigration. Of course if you can then I wonder what you will be doing about immigrants coming from Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia.

Adam J. Niehenke said...

LOL, I never said a certain level of immagration was bad. The levels comming from Mexico though are extremely bad for that country. It cracks me up that I have to explain this to you, but here it goes. People who are starving, out of work, and mad at their country leave Mexico. Currently, who is mad at the our country...Dems. If they were to leave would anything politcally change or no route be taken? No!, it would take a lot longer for things to turn around. Therefore, People who have problems with Mexico leave instead of having to stick around and fix the problem. All the support to a solution pack up and leave. Does that make my point clear enough to you?

To top it off we have a right to protect our border. Cheaters never prosper unless you cross the mexican border.