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Sunday, April 22, 2007

"About four steps to the left of the mainstream"

After following what Rep. Doug Ericksen, deputy House Republican leader, called "one of the most radical agendas the state has seen in years," the Democrat-dominated Washington State Legislature is finally wrapping up in Olympia.

Ericksen, R-Ferndale, was quoted in today's Seattle Times as saying "If you look at the mainstream of Washington state, I think this Legislature has been about four steps to the left of the mainstream."

The Democrats managed to:

  • Burn through 2/3 of the state's budget surplus

  • Water down WASL graduation requirements

  • Kowtow to the teacher's union by putting a constitutional amendment on the ballot this fall to get rid of the supermajority requirement for school levies

  • Give gay and lesbian couples many of the same rights as married couples

  • Expand Medicaid

  • Join California in the global warming hysteria

  • Mandate an expensive and unfunded cleanup of Puget Sound

  • Lay the groundwork for HillaryCare

  • Create a five-week paid family leave bill that will be incredibly damaging to small businesses

  • But while Senate Democrats wasted taxpayer's time debating a meaningless resolution to impeach President Bush, the most important issues facing Washingtonians were still not addressed, including:

  • A solution to repair/replace the Alaskan Way Viaduct and the 520 floaing bridge that voters were told were in "imminent danger" two years ago in order to reject I-912

  • Property rights relief that voters were promised last year in order to reject I-933

  • Legislation to restore the property tax cap approved by voters in I-747 that was been overruled by a King County court

  • Yes, we can hope the Spendocrats will pay a heavy price in next year's elections for their drunken orgy this year.

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