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Friday, April 27, 2007

Aligning the Evergreen State with Terrorists

I received this e-mail from a Palousitics reader who lives near Hay:
I urge all Washingtonians to contact our esteemed senators on their disgraceful Iraq vote.
Dear Senator,

It is time to place politics on the back shelf and support the military your party voted overwhelmingly to send to Iraq.

The namesake of the state which you represent did not wavier in his mission to bring freedom and independence to the land you serve, even though fortune turned against him on several occasions.

The mission in Iraq is just and far reaching in its goals. Your lack of support brings dishonor to the memory of General Washington and the state which bears his name.

With your vote you have aligned yourself and my state with terrorists
I doubt they will slap their foreheads and change their votes, but if we don’t comment of their votes they can continue to ignore their responsibilities.

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