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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Queen Nancy's Madness

Learn how to do your jobs - watch more television.

Additionally, as a result of the recent murder of the U of I student, Nancy instructed the sheriffs and police officers to watch a particular episode of NCIS, which she thought was relevant. This was not only annoying and dumb, but especially embarrassing to them as the FBI was present to investigate the murder.
This needs to be investigated. I've only linked to another blogger, but surely someone in the Moscow Police Department would be willing to talk to the Daily News or the Lewiston Tribune about this.

But, some reporter's going to have to ask.


Tom Forbes said...

If this comes out, it has my vote as story of the year!!

But the newspapers are the problem Michael.

One of our local newspapers merely reissues press releases, paints everything and everyone in the best possible light, and tosses easy softball questions with no fact checking or investigation.

Another local newspaper will run the most unsubstantiated and damaging allegations, but only if it puts the police, Republicans, or conservatives in the worst possible light. Otherwise, same as above.

Then there's the Tribune. Maybe since it's Moscow, they would cover the story. Pullman is the land the Tribune forgot.

I would guess the MPD would be anxious to talk to the media after Mayor Moonbat vetoed their union.

Satanic Mechanic said...

So does that mean that she will be making everyone in Moscow watch Gore's "Inconvenient Lie"?
If this story is true, Moscow should recall her, vote of no confidence or whatever it takes to get rid of this nut.