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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The PES is taking a break for the Summer...

I would like to take time to give a HUGE thank you to Batman -- the Protector of Pullman -- for his weekly call-ins. Also to all the other listeners and participants with the show. I would also like to thank Danny for coming on the show (finally) a couple times this semester. I had a ton of fun this year and I am looking for more fun again after I have a break this summer.

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Scotty said...

All my fans are too saddened by the news to post how much they will miss the show???

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Yeah, basically. We're all off in dark corners crying bitter tears. Don't go, Scotty! Don't go!


Scotty said...

Maybe when I come back from having my summer of freedom, we have have another weekly call-in personality.

Currently we have Batman the Protector of Pullman from the Evil Clutches of PARD.

We can have a new segment called Ponder with Pauly... Or Pauly's Ponderings... Or Pondering Paul... Or Zimmercast... Or Zoom in with Zimmerman -- Paul Ponders Pullman's Problems.

I know you would all love to hear me try to say that last one every week.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Scotty: "I know you would all love to hear me try to say that last one every week."

Oh yes, which is why if I am able to participate, I'm pushing for that one. :)

Satanic Mechanic said...

I built a special antenna to recieve the PES. Specific to 90.7 MHz. The building I work in is a giant Faraday cage, in other words no signals get in or get out. I get a little noise but I get to hear it.
Scotty, what is that song they always play before you go on? Not the PES intro song, not Horton Heat and not the song with the kids yelling.

Scotty said...

I believe you're talking about Aud Fauce - Ride on a Sunny Day. It is a fast and upbeat song?

http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=9772489 that is their page on Myspace.com. In the music player on the right side of the page, you can see the songs listed #2 on the list of songs. Give that a play and let me know if that is the song you're talking about.

PAUL - I was going to say Zimmercast is really cool, but I think the last one could be the funniest.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...


On second thought, though it would be fun, is that "four P" option automatically negative? There's a lot to love in this area, and I actually prefer spending more time pondering that stuff, the good parts (they're more important anyway).

It's best to leave the constant obsession with "problems" to leftist, liberal cranks. They need it to soothe the cognitive dissonance they experience on a daily basis as they constantly chant death to the good things in life that our pro-liberty/capitalist society provides, even to them, even as they bite the hand that feeds them and idiotically beg for real misery.

As an act of charity to the leftist/liberals' hobbled minds, should we allow them at least that little bit of squalor that anchors their existences without drying it out by exposing it to the light of reason? I would feel cruel to take it away from them, as it seems to be all they have.


Scotty said...

How about this!?

Paul Ponders Pullman's Positives Presented in Zimmercast.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Heh... ok, sounds like a keeper. But what exactly does "Zimmercast" sound like? Wood saws? ;)