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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Interview with Dino Rossi

Blogger Liz Mair of GOPProgress.com recently interviewed our Once and Future Governor, Dino Rossi. Here are some highlights:

On Mike McGavick - "I think we probably could have run the Virgin Mother with an "R" behind her name and would have had a hard time pulling it out, just because of the climate, and you know, it was just the wrong timing."

On felon voting - "Hillary Clinton and Christine Gregoire wouldn't be supporting felon voting if they [felons] actually voted Republican."

On Queen Christine and the Viaduct - "Her indecision in this process, and creating complete and total chaos-- and everybody knows about it-- is going to, I believe, doom any ability to ask the public for any more funds, purely because of the incompetency."

On Washington Democrats - "When they look from the Governor on down, granted it's a Democratic legislature in the House and Senate, Democratic Governor, Democratic Mayor, and they can't even agree with themselves. They control everything, and they can't even agree with themselves! It looks like they can't even organize a beer bash in a brewery."

On the business climate in Washington - "It's one of the highest, most expensive places to do business, with one of the highest small business failure rates in America."

Read the whole interview. It's worth it. Dino says he'll make a decision at the end of the year whether he'll run again or not. Judging from this interview, the Rats had better look out, because it looks like he will.

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