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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

You can't please the NIMBY left

Here are extracts from two articles in the 6/26 online edition of the Seattle Times. Both deal with potential solutions to the left's poster boy problem of the hour; global warming. Both technologies emit no greenhouse gasses, both rely upon equipment and technologies still produced in the USA (and therefor a boon the US labor). You'd think the loonie leftie greenies would be all over these but then they'd have to give up their protests if problems got solved. The whining and moaning go on unabated. The left and their shills, the so-called environmentalists of the world would be laughable if they weren't such a threat to civilized society.

Extracts from the ST-online


"Sandall says he doesn't oppose wind power. He gets his electricity from solar panels and from his own relatively tiny wind turbine mounted on a 50-foot pole.
But rows of white massive white poles, topped with blinking lights and propeller blades that make a "whoosh" audible from several hundred yards away — that's another thing.
Sandall remains unconvinced by assurances that the sound won't be noticeable from farther off, and that it won't hurt property values.
"I'm 72 years old. I came out here to be alone," said Sandall, who is part of a citizen group, Residents Opposed to Kittitas Turbines. "I have no objection to alternative energy. This is just not the place."
With such concerns from the neighbors, the three-member Kittitas County Commission rejected the enXco plan in 2005 and Horizon's in 2006.
There are signs of displeasure elsewhere in the region.
Last month in Columbia County, where several wind projects have already been built, a group of landowners challenged yet another project. In Oregon, a proposal for turbines near the Columbia River Gorge prompted a call in May for a moratorium on all new wind farms in the state while officials sort out how to regulate them."


"Nuclear waste
Passing on problem
Bill Cohen suggests that the solution to nuclear waste is to simply pass the unresolved problem down to the future to solve, like the gift that keeps on giving ["Technology will improve," Times, Northwest Voices, June 25]. Such intergenerational irresponsibility is appalling. But what really disgusts me, as an engineer, is the fact that we produce this mess, toxic for longer than man has been "civilized," to boil water for 50 years. Are we so ignorant that we can do no better?
— Crispin B. Hollinshead"

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Tom Forbes said...

Great catch Barenjager.

This just further shows the latte liberal set for the frauds they really are.

Ultimately, environmentalism and liberalism are just shields to cover up the snobbery and elitism of the upper class. For example:

Global warming is melting the ice caps. Yes, wind energy is clean and sustainable and carbon- friendly, but all those little windmills and blinking lights ruin my property value. WE MUST PRESERVE THE VIEWSHEDS AND OUR RURAL CHARACTER!! STOP URBAN SPRAWL!!!!

We must help the poor. Yes, Wal-Mart helps the poor, but have you ever been inside one? The polyester pant suits, the NASCAR ball caps, the crying children...all the great unwashed proletariat. We can't have those kind of people in our neighborhood. WAL-MAT IS ANTI-UNION AND USES SWEATSHOPS!!! POWER TO THE PEOPLE!!