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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Jack Cafferty Auditions For Rosie O'Donnell's Job

As long as we have Jack Cafferty, there's no reason to miss Rosie.

I'm pretty sure that Rosie's job on "The View" will be filled by a woman. But CNN's Jack Cafferty displays all the intellectual depth that we've come to expect from Rosie.


Scotty said...

I have heard that Rosy is going to be the next host on the Price is Right... Don't know how true that is... Maybe that is why she left the View?

Michael said...

Bob Barker said that he would like to have Rosie replace him, but I don't think the decision is his.
By the way, ESPN broadcast and interview with Barker and the man is laughably crazy. So, it's no wonder that he admires Rosy.