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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Of Pots, Kettles, Hoists, and Petards

"We don't feel like the bad guys here."
- Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney in today's Lewiston Tribune on Moscow's payment of a $134,000 fine to the Environmental Protection Agency for more than 950 violations of the Clean Water Act between March 2002 and June 2006.
"Moscow's new wastewater treatment plant will be out of date within two years of its completion this spring.

The plant will have cost the city and its ratepayers $12 million. It will produce treated water many times cleaner than the wastewater the old treatment plant discharged into Paradise Creek. Unless city water use changes significantly, treated water won't meet environmental requirements.

Increased regulation of sewer water means Moscow will not meet requirements of its wastewater discharge permit in 2004, according to city officials."
- Moscow-Pullman Daily News, December 28, 2001

Perhaps O.J. will join Queen Nancy in searching for the real "bad guys."


April E. Coggins said...

There's a big fire in the commercial district in Pullman. At least two alarms have responded. It's hard to tell, but it looks like it is somewhere between the Baptist Church and Nendels.

April E. Coggins said...

The fire is behind Manor Lodge Motel. It must be a house. We can see the flames from our parking lot.