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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Another Grim Milestone

The bad guys are dropping like flies. So why isn't the MSM telling us about it?

Media impatience has for them to establish intermediate grim milestones.

Why is it that media are less interested in our enemies' grim milestones?

Chuck Simmins of TDW had been toiling away diligently, recording the deaths of terrorists as reported by MNF-I flaks. Turns out, they weren’t reporting them all. Lt. Gen. Raymond Odierno had a press conference recently, largely ignored by the press, in which he reported 3,184 terrorists killed since January 2007, and another 1,018 wounded. Simmins took that number, subtracted the ones he had already logged to avoid duplication, and then averaged them out over the last six months. Turns out our soldiers are killing terrorists at a rate of up to 10 to 1.

AP likes death numbers. Why doesn’t AP like these death numbers? I read AP’s Iraq copy every working night. I have not seen these numbers in the AP copy that comes across my screen.

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Truth said...

I would guess that the reson the AP and other major news sources (including FOX I believe) don't report on the terrorist death-toll is becuase the numbers aren't terribly reliable and the last thing any of them want is to be providing information. This in large part is due to the fact that nobody knows how many terrorists there are, and the military doesn't count bodies so there aren't any trully reliable counts of how many people are dead.