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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hillary Clinton - Felon?

Would Hillary Clinton accept her incarceration with more or less dignity than Paris Hilton?

Of course she has committed felonious acts. Hiding the Rose Law Firm billing records after they had been subpoenaed is just one example.

But this video seems to confirm that Hillary Clinton was a knowing and willing conspirator in a fundraising scheme that has one of the participants going to jail already.


Truth said...

While I'm decidedly not anywhere near Hillary's biggest fan I am going to wait to pass judgement until I can see the rest of the tape and until the FEC presents their findings.

Taking information off of a site whose stated purpose is to present Hillary as a corrupt politican and having one of their facts be a 10 second blip from a Republican candidate for the House who I'm sure has no love for Hillary does make for a shady case. Also, more for the sake of consideration than anything, I would like to invite the possibility that the donor who is releasing this tape could be doing so to extract some revenge, perhaps valid perhaps not, because his buisness collapsed. But at the same time it could all be true, I'll wait for information from something more reliable like the FEC

Satanic Mechanic said...

Hillary would escape the country rather than go to jail if there was a fair trial and conviction. Hillary has shown many times that her character is weak. But she is too powerful and her connections are vast. There would be no true justice and the issue would be squashed in an Ethics comittee who is headed by either Feinstein or Pelosi.
Look how Bubba escaped from being removed from office. If Martha Stewart greased some political wheels, she would of gotten house arrest.
As for Ms.Hilton, she should spend five years in the Maricopa County jail for the B.S. she pulled. But that is my humble opinion.

Truth said...

Both Bill Clinton and Paris Hilton were given fair trials according to the law and the punishments were given out according to those trials. While I definetly would have liked to see Paris Hilton in jail for longer I am a bigger fan of the law being applied equally and fairly in all cases, which I believe happened.

Satanic Mechanic said...

That fat lecherous hillbilly Bubba Clinton is the biggest loser and criminal that has ever graced the Whitehouse.

Michael said...

A big fan of the fair application of law should be in favor of a pardon for Scooter Libby. After all, he was convicted the very same crimes Bill Clinton was forced to confess to. The only punishment Clinton suffered was the loss of his law license.
And who committed a more egregious offense - Scooter Libby or Sandy Berger? Berger stole and destroyed top secret documents that apparently showed the Clinton Administration in a bad light.
I think that Scooter Libby should spend as much time behind bars as Bubba and Sandy Berger combined.

Truth said...

First off, that was what the judge decided the punishment should be, we'll see how the appeal trial goes. Secondly I'm not sure how you can say Clinton was the biggest crook when Nixon was actually forced out of office because he would not have survived an impeachment vote. I'm not saying these people are or are not guilty, and in fact I'm really not defending Hillary, all I was saying is that I awaited the FEC report.

Barenjager said...

You are both wrong. Carter was the biggest criminal, closely followed by Truman. HST failed to abort the Cold War when he had the chance to decapitate the Soviet Union in 45/46 and failed again to set China on a different path in Korea.

Carter was the one that really lead us to where we are today. In fact, I regard him as one of the biggest mass murderers in US history. By failing to stand up to the rabble in Iran, pandering to the Palestinians and other middle eastern thugs, he gave them the hope that carries them through today. He showed such lack of will and such cowardice it became any man's game to beard the tiger (us). A game that was once reserved for the super powers suddenly became popular sport.

Honorable mention for worst criminal goes to LBJ. He used his office to influence military procurement, resulting in an enormous financial gain for his family. That's the least of his sins. His greatest sins were reserved for his social engineering experiments which have resulted in the current FUBAR welfare and educational systems in the US.

Yeah, Nixion did dumb things which were never proven to be criminal but then so did Kennedy, FDR and even Regan. Fortunately, the all had strengths which outweiged their weaknesses.

Michael said...

My nominee for the worst criminal ever to serve as president is Lyndon Johnson. His crime was falsifying the "Gulf of Tonkin Incident," which he then used to get Congressional approval for escalating the Vietnam war.
George Bush may have relied on faulty intelligence, but it was the same intelligence that Bill Clinton had and he (and Hillary for that matter) drew the same conclusions as George Bush.
Bush did not fabricate events, as history clearly show Johnson did.